Here's an intermediate status

Here's an intermediate status. It's quiet here, at the moment. That doesn't mean that we're inactive. On the contrary! Therefore we'd like to whet your appetite for what's coming up. Besides new songs, which are nearly elaborated, your ears will be punched. Apart from the announced recording, we're planning to rock some metal shows this year, actually. Further booking for kicking your asses in 2018 started. Maybe you know festivals or locations, which are not on our radar, yet? Where do you like to see us? Comments, please!

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Our singer sneaked to 'Elbriot' and mingled, past weekend

Our singer sneaked to 'Elbriot' and mingled, past weekend. He had the idea to get suggestions for potentially perhaps maybe soon upcoming shows, to meet old and not that old friends and to collect new Serpentic-fans.

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Rock Café

Today we play at the Rock Café in Hamburg – St. Pauli.
Together with:

Hero’s FateINTERRA and Another Day of Nothing



Dr. Rock!

Flyer 14.03.

Next week we play a show at Dr. Rock, Lübeck.

Black Unicorn
Black Pagan/Viking Metal (Neumünster)

The Beautiful Masquerade
Modern Death Metal (Uelzen)

AK 5€

Goodbye 2014!

Serpentic Keks

With this cookie we say goodbye to the successful year 2014 and like to thank all the people who supported us the last 12 months.

Happy New Year! Take care! And be curious about what we’ll have for you in 2015!

The first goody for next year is the release date of our first full lengh album!
25th of April!

Stay tuned, spread the word!

Drums done!


Drums for our upcoming Album are done! They sound pretty nice and we are looking forward to finish the rest of the recordings soon.
Stay tuned for the release date. It will be announced this month!


Hello folks,
unfortunately we have to cancel the gig at Hot Warendorf. Feel free to drink a beer for us and enjoy the other great bands!
Hey there.
On October 25th we’re playing in Warendorf.For more information look here.