On And On!


Bass is nearly done! The sound is killer and Tobias will finish the last two songs tomorrow.
Next in line is Heiko with his guitar-parts.
Stay tuned!


Timon playing Guitar
At Klangstadt Open Air 2014 we have announced an upcoming album. The recording has started and
Timon is done tracking his guitar!

Klangstadt Open Air 2014

Flyer 17.04.14

This year we will shatter the KSOA once again!
At 8pm of the 18th of Juli we will start our set.

Inihaus Playlist

For all of you who didn’t want to search for videos. Here you can find all songs recorded at the Inihaus (01.03.14) nicely sorted as playlist. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

No More Dreams

It passed as quickly as it came – welcome to the last gem of our video series :
„No More Dreams“ – an anthem to all pessimist or optimists that strive for
becoming one!