Partisan Warm Up Show

Flyer 17.04.14
Hi folks,
we are proud to support the PARTISAN WARM UP at BLACKLAND, Berlin!
There are also two more great band for your entertainment:

(Viking/Folk Metal from Motala/SWE)
(Folk Metal from Stade)

Show in Denmark canceled

The show on the 15th of March at Riamuf was canceled. An alternate date is being searched right now.
Stay tuned for more information.



For the first time in our band’s history we own a backdrop! We can’t wait to use it live hardly. With backdrop, new songs and a live show for over an hour, we will rock the Inihaus Bad Oldesloe at 01.03.14. Come along, it will be worth it!

Live with Alibi For A Murder and Invictum

We will play again on a local stage. As support we have hired the mighty INVICTUM and ALIBI FOR A MURDER for you.

Flyer 12.10.

If you like fast melodic Death Metal or superfast Drum playing, this is the concert you must not miss!

(Melodic Death Metal from M√ľnster)
(Death Metal from Warendorf)

Following the concert you are welcome to listen to some more music out of the box and have some cold cheap drinks.

Serpentic goes to Lower Saxony

Hey folks,
we have two new amazing gigs coming up. Check out our GIGS section.

Take care!